Linux VPS Hosting

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is the heart of true Security-Driven Networking

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Run a VPS Server in South Africa to connect your data locally to a international cloud provider like, Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. With low latency and fast 100Mbps you can use a server to build your remote based systems in the cloud or game server. Running these online and linking it to your cloud environment to provide a fully hybrid cloud solution.







MICRO VPS 512 M/Byte 1 vCPU 5 G/Byte SSD

R79 p/m

BASE VPS 1024 M/Byte 1 vCPU 10 G/Byte SSD

R99 p/m

STD VPS 2048 M/Byte 2 vCPU 30 G/Byte SSD

R199 p/m

OPS VPS 4096 M/Byte 2 vCPU 50 G/Byte SSD

R499 p/m

LRG VPS 6144 M/Byte 4 vCPU 100 G/Byte SSD

R699 p/m

DEV VPS 8192 M/Byte 4 vCPU 150 G/Byte SSD

R999 p/m

CORP VPS 16 384 M/Byte 6 vCPU 200 G/Byte SSD

R1699 p/m

TITAN VPS 24 576 M/Byte 6 vCPU 250 G/Byte SSD

R2499 p/m

**E & OE - Prices are inclusive of VAT.

All hosting plans includes the following benefits:

Full Root and SSH2 Access - Access your virtual server in seconds with low latency and fast Root access

Our virtual server hypervisors are always maintained and up to date.

Have your virtual environment customised and built to match your environment.

Deploy a LAMP stack

Deploy a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL/MARIADB and PHP) stack direct from the control panel allowing for more time to deploy your application.

VPS Hosting Features

VPS hosting from Clickworks Internet gives you access to high powered virtual servers hosted in South Africa. With multiple datacenters in Johannesburg and Cape Town. All Virtual Servers are hosted on redundant network infrastructure and allow for scalability and private network capabilities.


Secure and upto date hypervisor technology to run the latest operating systems including Ubuntu 20.04

Docker Ready

Install and run you own containerized environment for your applications and development needs.


Servers are able to run NodeJS configurations for PWA development and production environments.

Customised Domain Name

Register and point your custom domain name to your virtual server and manage the DNS direct from your control panel.

Linux Virtual Server Technical Specs

Product Overview

Micro VPS Plan

Base VPS Plan

Standard VPS Plan

Ops VPS Plan

Large VPS Plan

Dev VPS Plan

Corp VPS Plan

Titan VPS Plan

vCPUs 1 2 2 2 4 4 6 6
RAM 512 M/Byte 1024 M/Byte 2048 M/Byte 4096 M/Byte 6144 M/Byte 8192 M/Byte 12 288 M/Byte 24 576 M/Byte
Storage 1Gb SSD 5Gb SSD 20Gb SSD 50Gb SSD 100Gb SSD 150Gb SSD 200Gb SSD 250Gb SSD
Traffic 400 G/Byte 400 G/Byte 400 G/Byte 400 G/Byte 1 T/Byte 1 T/Byte 1 T/Byte 1 T/Byte
Public IP's 1 Public IPv4 1 Public IPv4 1 Public IPv4 1 Public IPv4 2 Public IPv4 2 Public IPv4 4 Public IPv4 4 Public IPv4
Deploy VPS Deploy Now Deploy Now Deploy Now Deploy Now Deploy Now Deploy Now Deploy Now Deploy Now

Server Hosting Features

99.9% Up-time Guaranteed
Control Panel
DNS administration
Domain Management

App Requirements

Counter Strike
PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3
Docker Compatible

Addons and Licences?


cPanel Licence$45 per 100 users
Red Hat $349 p/a

Frequently asked questions?

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a virtualised server- meaning the bare metal server has been virtualised with a hypervisor. This allows to have multiple virtual machines runnin.

Why should I go for a VPS

A VPS is perfect middle ground and is affordable to get started with. It allows the freedom of scale and growing into your server enviroment. It is smaller version of a large scale dedicated server deployment.

Do I receive full root access?

Yes you receive full root access to your server. You are able to run root functions as a administrator giving you the freedom to run complex installations

Can I upgrade to a larger VPS?

Yes you are able to grow your VPS with additional addons at a later stage.

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