Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN is the heart of true Security-Driven Networking

Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Virtual Private Hosting - AKA VPS - is the bridge shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, making this an economical choice of osting without compromising on quality or speed. The word private means exactly what it implies. A virtual server is allocated for your website so you don’t need to share RAM, CPU and other resources with other websites. It is also known as cloud hosting or cloud computing. With our virtual servers you will receive full control. The control panel offers all the features of our hypervisors to be managed. Host with more power for your website and application.







MICRO VPS 512 M/Byte 1 vCPU 5 G/Byte SSD

R349 p/m

BASE VPS 1024 M/Byte 1 vCPU 10 G/Byte SSD

R428 p/m

STD VPS 2048 M/Byte 2 vCPU 50 G/Byte SSD

R698 p/m

OPS VPS 4096 M/Byte 2 vCPU 100 G/Byte SSD

R879 p/m

LRG VPS 6144 M/Byte 4 vCPU 150 G/Byte SSD

R1099 p/m

DEV VPS 8192 M/Byte 4 vCPU 200 G/Byte SSD

R1498 p/m

CORP VPS 12 288 M/Byte 6 vCPU 300 G/Byte SSD

R1899 p/m

TITAN VPS 24 576 M/Byte 6 vCPU 500 G/Byte SSD

R2659 p/m

**E & OE - Prices are inclusive of VAT.

All hosting plans includes the following benefits:

RDP Access to your remote server and capabilities to add more users with additional Remote desktop Cals

Install your Windows based applications and scale as needed.

Remote environment to run your applications in the cloud.

VPS Hosting Features

VPS hosting from Clickworks Internet gives you access to high powered virtual servers hosted in South Africa. With multiple datacenters in Johannesburg and Cape Town. All Virtual Servers are hosted on redundant network infrastructure and allow for scalability and private network capabilities.


Secure and upto date hypervisor technology to run the latest operating systems including Ubuntu 20.04

Docker Ready

Install and run you own containerized environment for your applications and development needs.


Servers are able to run NodeJS configurations for PWA development and production environments.

Customised Domain Name

Register and point your custom domain name to your virtual server and manage the DNS direct from your control panel.

Product Overview

Micro VPS Plan

Base VPS Plan

Standard VPS Plan

Ops VPS Plan

Large VPS Plan

Dev VPS Plan

Corp VPS Plan

Titan VPS Plan

Beast VPS Plan

vCPUs 1 2 2 2 4 4 6 6 8
RAM 512 M/Byte 1024 M/Byte 2048 M/Byte 4096 M/Byte 6144 M/Byte 8192 M/Byte 12 288 M/Byte 24 576 M/Byte 32 768 M/Byte
Storage 1Gb SSD 5Gb SSD 20Gb SSD 50Gb SSD 100Gb SSD 150Gb SSD 200Gb SSD 250Gb SSD 300Gb SSD
Traffic 400 G/Byte 400 G/Byte 400 G/Byte 400 G/Byte 1 T/Byte 1 T/Byte 1 T/Byte 1 T/Byte 1 T/Byte
Public IP's 1 Public IPv4 1 Public IPv4 1 Public IPv4 1 Public IPv4 2 Public IPv4 2 Public IPv4 4 Public IPv4 4 Public IPv4 8 Public IPv4
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